About ESGC

The ESG Consortium is dedicated to promoting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices and encouraging participation, particularly from small and medium-sized companies across various industries. We offer an affordable, accountable, and actionable ESG benchmark that incentivizes SMEs to excel in their sustainability efforts. By participating in our benchmark, SMEs gain access to capital, enhance their competitiveness, generate higher revenues, and improve operational efficiency to maximize profits.


The ESG Consortium aims to empower businesses, in particular to small and medium sizes of companies, to thrive in a sustainable manner, creating a positive impact on their financial performance and contributing to a more responsible and resilient business landscape.


  • To promote the ESG best practices and performance for the industries;
  • To encourage continuous ESG improvement through ESGC industrial benchmarks;
  • To further refining the ESGC industrial benchmark from a professional standpoint;
  • To provide auditor training and related ESG course ;
  • To maintain the ESG certification and data repository;
  • To provide certification based on the ESGC benchmark.