Get you ticket of the ESGC Forum 2024: Empowering MSMEs to Unlock ESG Opportunities

Welcome to the ESGC Forum 2024! As the annual signature event of ESGC, this forum provides a comprehensive overview of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). JOIN US at Zero Carbon Park on June 25th to gain valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities associated with sustainable business practices.


Why Attend?

  • Discover practical strategies and solutions to overcome barriers and implement ESG initiatives effectively.
  • Learn from informative presentations, engaging panel discussions, and interactive sessions.
  • Network and collaborate with experts, stakeholders, and like-minded MSME owners.
  • Explore funding options, partnerships, and market advantages associated with ESG integration.
  • Gain a competitive edge and access new markets through ESG practices.

Join us at the ESGC Forum 2024 to gain valuable insights, forge connections, and empower your MSME to unlock ESG opportunities. Targeting SME owners and stakeholders, such as regulators, green financing banks, investors, and leaders in the private and public sectors, this event aims to create a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and collaboration. Let’s shape a sustainable future together!

Program Agenda (Subject to final verison):

  • Welcome by Mr. Hugh Chow, Executive Director of ESGC
  • Opening Speech by Ms. Lisa Maria Braun, UN ESCAP Representative

Session 1: The Irreversible Trend of ESG for MSMEs in Construction Industry

  • Highlighting market demand and potential benefits of ESG implementation.
  • Addressing regulatory compliance and reporting requirements specific to MSMEs in the Construction Industry.

Session 2: Strategies to Navigate ESG Challenges with Inspiring Success Case Studies

  • Sharing practical solutions and strategies to overcome ESG challenges.
  • Exploring innovative approaches to ESG reporting.
  • Showcasing successful case studies of MSMEs that have effectively embraced ESG practices.

Session 3: Accessing ESG Opportunities: Funding, Partnerships, and Market Advantage in Construction

  • Highlighting available funding options and incentives for MSMEs pursuing ESG initiatives.
  • Discussing the role of partnerships and collaborations in enhancing ESG capabilities.
  • Exploring how ESG integration can provide a competitive edge and access new markets.

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