As The ESG Consortium (ESGC) members, we committed to provide support and solution for continuously improvement for their sustainability development goals. Our member can enjoy its ESG status report through ESG Benchmark scheme which continually promote ESG and boost participation. Join us now to start your ESG journey

ESG Benchmark Report

Reflect member’s corporate ESG performance based on ESGC Community Benchmark comparing to same industrial members in a fair and trustworthy approach.

ESGC Community Benchmark Report

ESGC Member Portal

ESGC Member portal provide features like ESG performance dashboard, ESG Community Benchmark Data Form, ESG Data Generation, ESG Campaign management, Employee Engagement, Partnerships and etc.

ESGC Member Portal

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1. User Guide for ESGC Member Portal

ESG Partner’s Incentive

Our members entitle all the privileges/incentive programs provided by our ESGC partners, which from financing institutes, insurance companies, commercial association and ESG service providers.