Say No to over-packing mooncake

The State Administration for Market Regulation recently issued the amendment to the National Standard for “Restriction of Excessive Packaging Requirements for Commodities – Food and Cosmetics”.
This revision of the standard mainly focuses on two products with serious overpackaging, moon cakes and rice dumplings. The packaging cost shall not be higher than 20% of the total cost, precious metals and mahogany shall not be used as packaging materials, and shall not be mixed with other products that exceed their price. It also included

  • Standardize the packaging requirements of 31 categories of food and 16 categories of cosmetics;
  • Simplify the judgment method of excessive packaging of products. Consumers only need to check the weight or volume of the product itself, and measure the volume of the outermost packaging. Through calculation, it is possible to preliminarily determine whether the product has excessive packaging;
  • The number of packaging layers is limited. Food and its processed products in food should not exceed 3 layers of packaging, and other food and cosmetics should not exceed 4 layers of packaging.

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