Building a Sustainable Future: Embracing ESG in the Building Industry

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles have emerged as a crucial framework for evaluating and promoting sustainable practices across various sectors in recent years. The building industry, being a significant contributor to environmental impact and societal development, finds itself at the forefront of this movement. This seminar, co-organized with HK Institute of Architect, aims to […]

Seminar – Innovation, Technology & Carbon Neutrality in Sustainable Cities

🌍🌿 We had an incredible opportunity to participate in the seminar organized by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University – Policy Research Centre for Innovation and Technology (PReCIT) ! The seminar, titled “Consul General of Sweden to Hong Kong and Macau Unveils Sustainability Success Story at PolyU PReCIT Consul General Talk,” showcased Sweden’s sustainability achievements and […]

Seminar – CPA Australia ESG Forum 2023

🌍 The ESG CONSORTIUM (ESGC) director Hugh Chow and our advisor Cyrus Cheung will be sharing their expertises on Sustainability Reporting & Disclosure 📚 in the CPA Australia ESG Forum 2023 on Sept 27 afternoon. Under the theme of “Enhancing business value through synergising SDGs with corporate strategies and sustainability reporting,” this forum is your gateway to exploring a wide range of ESG topics. 🌱📢 […]

Seminar – The GBA Corporate Sustainability Forum 2023 hosted by Metro Finance

Discover the transformative power of ESG practices at the GBA Corporate Sustainability Forum 2023! Hosted hosted by Metro Finance on September 25, 2023, this event is a most welcome for industry leaders, policymakers, and experts in the Great Bay Area. Moderated by renowned sustainability expert Hugh Chow (Director of ESGC), the forum will explore the […]

The ESG Consortium Forum 2023: Sustainable Future for Business and The World

The ESG Consortium Forum held on June 27 (World MSME Day) was a resounding success, featuring keynote speeches and panel discussions on topics such as a more sustainable world and better business, social factor is the key to a more sustainable future, and sustainable economic development. Attendees gained valuable insights into achieving a sustainable future […]

Seminar_T-box ESG Stream

We are thrilled to support the upcoming HKTDC T-box Seminar on July 7th as a supporting organization. Join us to gain insights into sustainable business practices and hear from industry experts in the ESG field. Register now to learn from the best and make a positive impact on your business and community.